What's a good free online drum machine? I need something to play my bass to, and all I have now is my DigiTech effects pedal which has a 1-99 scale for tempo (instead of BPM).

look up a drum program such as "acoustica beatcraft" if you want a decent drum program to use to create beats and or have em looped to play along.

its only a 30 day trial i thnk tho. try it out and then search up a serial or limewire it. i did one or the other ( i forget) and now i have it for life. i actually record some songs with it as a temp drum thing since my drummers new set, a vintage ludwig ( YEAH! i KNOW! ), is like 5 toms, 6 cymbals.. you get the point, its too big for my room (which happens to be our studio, and happens to be smaller than the average bedroom and has a filing cabinet and 2 shelves in it, a desk and a bed. you can imagine the "cramped-ness"). needless to say, they didnt sound too bad for the recordings. i dont have any on me tho ... but it dosnt hurt to try out the program.

and ive tried out 10+ free drum programs off the net and so far this is my fav.
argh my homie download this sweet one, it might be what magnablade is talking about
it has some sweet features, you can do a lot with it
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Beatcraft looks great, but unfortunately it's too expensive for me to buy, and it's against my religion to use a pirated copy. Anyone know of any decent Open Source drum programs?
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Thou shalt not downloadeth thine pirated files!"

but really besides, i said download a serial (or google it), you're techincally only downloading the trial which is allowed.

in fact i dont think you'd get into any legal issues for that. (in the sense that if someone came and looked into it trying to accuse you of pirating things and all that, i dont think they'd have a valid case.. but w.e)
FL studio (aka fruity loops), it has an unlimited free trial, you just cant save with the trial version.
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