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List the song (or songs) which somehow improved your guitar tremendously and how it helped.

This thread is also good for beginners to learn songs that can improve your skill.

Layla (acoustic) by Eric Clapton - all i learned was that little intro and it helped to form bar chords a lot better. It also helped me to learn how position my fingers during solos. This song is a good strength builder and good practice for switching from barre chords to regular (ie. bar C to Dm).

Heart of Gold by Neil Young - learned rythm and hammer-ons from this song. This was the first song I learned.
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Jimi Hendrix - Little wing

that and Castles Made of Sand by Jimi
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Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
Not the greatest song on earth, but it helped me to learn and understand how power chords worked and its simple enough for any begginer to learn. One of my first songs...
Black Dog and Rock n Roll by Zeppelin, Black Dog is finger movement and Rock n Roll is rock rythm, White Summer Black Mountain side as well
classical gas- eric clapton

hmm, I don't know, it helped me learn about abunch of different techniques that can make a song sound good, while changing speeds alot
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Honestly, i haven't really had a breakout song. Because im to lazy to learn most songs all the way through :P
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Jack Johnson - Better Together
It helped me with my slides.

Richard Marx - Now and Forever
It helped me with finger picking.

Yellowcard - Empty Apartment
It helped me with remembering solos.
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
Is There Anybody out There? by Pink Floyd

Recently I've been learning the rythm part for Sultans of Swing. That's really good for practicing barre chords.
Master of Puppets

Not a difficult song by any means, but it's the first song actually sat down and learned all the way through. It opened me up to alot of things.
"What it is (Nina's Song)" by RHCP (Bonus track on first album)

It's a solo bass song, I'd be practicing with proper slapping technique for a little wile but learning this song brung it all together. I grew hugely from learning it.
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica, awesome for like everything and also
"Air to Air" by Theodore Ziras...awesome song
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probably like radiohead acoustic songs for chord transitions. and then i'm alright - neil zaza
purple haze solo - it was the first big solo i ever performed in front of 20 + people in 6th grade after playin for 1 year ( took about a month to learn tho )

dream theater - metropolis - it goes through so many different modes and once i was done learning it i improved alot because of the fast runs, sometime's akward fingerings, timing.
Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin.
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Master of Puppets

Not a difficult song by any means, but it's the first song actually sat down and learned all the way through. It opened me up to alot of things.

Same for me. I was sooo proud when I finally could play the main riff.
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Enter Sandman for my rhythm, One for lead.
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Stairway to Heaven

1) Most simplest chords

2) good for switching from chord to chord

3) increased stamina since it's 8 min. long
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Yngwie Malmsteen- Trilogy Suite Opus 5. That song showed me shred and gave me the idea to learn it.
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Jimi Hendrix - Little wing

That and bunches of AC/DC songs and Hotel California. I dunno if they boosted my playing so much, but they boosted my confidence a lot.
Fade to Black - Metallica

I learned so much from that song. I finally overcame the alternate picking wall I was struggling to get over, and Leanred how to use all of my fingers, not just two. I also learned how to hybrid pick from it.
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Master of Puppets really helped me with my downpicking technique.
Kissing the Shadows helped me nail my pick/hand coordination and alternate picking in time.
Psalm of Lydia and This Godless Endeavor I'm using to practice sweep picking.
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id say that me learning all the songs off of claptons unplugged album really got me going and developed my love of blues, slide, and finger style stuff.

for electric it was prolly trying to learn SRV's version of little wing. i got the beginning down but i couldnt really do the rest so it forced me to be better at making solos and learning by ear.

right now my breakthrough song is broken hearted by eric clapton. its really helped me with singing while playing. im getting much better at doing both now, its almost not even an issue at all. i still cant sing and play hotle california. i can do it with chords but not the with the arpegio parts. that'll prolly be my next break through.
"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas, one of the most amazing acoustic songs ever...made me work a lot more on my fingerpicking techniques....

All Dire Straits stuff....made me work harder on my understanding of melodies.......

"Revelations" by Iron Maiden....I still remember well......made me see.....

But there are obviously hundreds of songs that make you learn and think about your it was in the past....impossible to remember a single one.
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Black Dog and Since I've Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin
It helped the most on how to use the Pent. Minor and so many other lead tricks.
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Lonely Day by SOAD improved my fingering quite a lot even though its quite simple to play.

And the intro to Scar Tissue improved my finger picking.
the intro to sanitarium introduced me to the basics of natural harmonics as well as sweep picking. as well teh intro to nothing else matters got me interested in classical fingerpicking. now i can play Air by bach with distortion lol
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