this isnt completely done yet. I still need another verse, and then i would probably end it with tthe chorus. ill still work on it, but if yall have any suggestions, it would be very helpful

1st verse:
waiting patiently for the delineation to be complete
picturesque thoughts, torn but discreet
tell me please
im on my knees
this imaculate endearment in a frenzy

the answer to the riddle isnt as easy as it seems
the answer only lies in your own dreams
but be patient my friend all things must come to an end
there's no reason to pretend...anymore

show her......dont be scared
things happen.....be prepared
shes yours....heaven sent
this, the imaculate endearment

This would be where my next verse goes...i just cant think of anything. Writers block sucks.
I like that song. I don't know what a next verse could be either O_O

Great work, everything seems to flow really good...except I don't like
she's yours....heaven sent
I don't know what you could do to improve it though.

Crit for crit?
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