Is there a place that sells Tab or Sheet music books of a much wider variety of bands besides dave matthews, the beatles, nirvana, and greenday?

I ask this because It's so much easier to go by something official and when I've looked I've only found books for about 6 different bands.
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Most of hte music stores where I live hae hundreds of bands. I want to point out though that most of the bands you are looking for you should be able to find accurate tabs online. I might also note that the books aren't even always right, I remember seeing an Amerian Idiot Official Book, and all the music was definately off. The books are not written by the artists themselves and are simply companies which get the rights to the music and transcribe the song.
Guitar Center sells lots of tab books. You can get great tabs her as well. Just download powertab editor and get powertabs here on the UG. I like powertabs because you can listen to them and make sure they are right.
I mean I use tabs, I've been using tabs for awhile. But it's so much easier to just buy a book for a CD you like. They dont have a guitarcenter here btw. And yeah but it's more likely that some random person is going to be wrong.
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