I was searching for various podcasts and videos today when I stumbled across basscast. Basscast is hosted by David Burgess (who is quite boring) but he talks about current CD releases with bass influence as well as news on famous bassists and conversations with bassists in studio and over the phone. Each podcast is an hour+ long so don't be expecting to have instant gratification. Thought I'd pass this along to anyone that hasn't searched for this yet.

P.S. it's free
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Link? lol

You have to go through the iTunes Music Store; I don't really know if you can directly link to that...

EDIT: I found a link to the Basscast website where you can direct-download the podcasts as mp3's here.
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The bass guitar forum that we're currently in.

thats who....

and most podcasts are available for download, and thats how i watch em.
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Pfft who cares about bass?

Certainly not the bass forum.
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Certainly not the bass forum.