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30 53%
27 47%
Voters: 57.
The one we've all been waiting for...

For AlpineHigh click here "UG Top Dog II"

For meh! click here

Winner is Top Dog!
Alpine, as much as I hate you , you had me grooving out in my room to that track. The natural minor over the blues progression is "(so cool)". So you get props for that. Great phrasing, originality, tone and, well, GrOoVe.

Damn this is a tough choice as meh! your's is kickass too. I love the chromaticism, bends, tone, and phrasing. Your building and releasing of tension was superb(kickass tone changes and funky rhythms). I'm gonna have to go with alpine cause his SRVish texas grooving combined with the aeolian mode being played over 7th chords made for a very unique track. I had to listen to each of these 3 times to make a decision, and I don't think it could have been a tougher choice. Oh that wah!
i say the winner is meh!, but i feel they both don't play with enough energy....wide vibrato is the **** people! hold those notes like youre fightin for your life
nice playing you guys awsome stuff! both very interesting solos but i have to say the winner is.....*drumrolls*


but just by a little bit

great stuff guys!
So, who liked the surf...come on, it was like the only good part

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Quote by meh!
So, who liked the surf...come on, it was like the only good part


Going to put this threa din my ig, see if itwll attract more people, alpine should do the same.
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Listening to alpinehigh right now, Meh's next. I'll edit this with my vote and comments after.

Nice stuff, both of you. Congratulations. Both songs were great, and it's a tough call. My vote goes to Meh.

You're both fantastic players. My improv usually gets really repetative after a few minutes :\
I guess I should start creating more licks and work them in the improv rather than trying to come up with everything on the spot.
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this is the first challenge where I haven't had anything negative to say about either person. I liked your surf meh! . But I have to say for some reason I enjoyed Alpine's more. And I like his scale and mode choice more. So, in the first crit I've ever done with less than 4,000 words, my vote goes to Alpine High.
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I like AlpineHigh's. You're a great player man!
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I wasn't a huge fan of either this time (older ones were awesome, these weren't as good)... But my vote went to alpine

Alpine - playing seemed a bit weak this time, your last one was better, maybe it was just your tone, sounded extremely thin - but atleast the phrases were interesting

Meh! - The playing isn't very interesting, nothing kept me wanting to listen, but it was a pretty nice tone
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wow, both you guys are excellent. I voted for Alpine, but wow, impressive stuff guys.
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Woah. This truely is a tough choice. I think Im gonna have to go with Alpinehigh though. He just had a little bit more of the groove.

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Not really a good idea, in my opinion


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I voted for Meh's...
But they are both great
I thought Alpine's got really repetitive.
And I love surf :P
I vote Meh! I didn't know what to expect from him. Alpine's was really great, but he had a little too many SRV tricks up his sleeve that I've heard way too many times from Mr. Vaughan himself.
The more I listen the more I like

And fluffy^^ You know Stevie stole most of his riffs from Albert
king right? He just funkatized them up
edit - we should get all the challengers to put it in their sigs.. once wmzg radio goes up there's gonna be alot more response too.. cool stuff
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meh!s was pretty sick! it wasn't as groovy as alpinehighs but he did have that surf thing goin on. hmmm..

alpine FTW better riffs/skills
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