Hi, Im just wondering if there is any specific name for these types of chords.

When your guitar is in drop D tuning and you play chords like the following:


If you get what im trying to say. When there are three notes on the D, A and D strings all on the same fret. Is there a specific name for these notes?
okay, awesome. Thanks. Do you know why artists use them? is it mainly to get a deep/lower sound?
Yeah deeper and lower sound plus you can play power chords much quicker.
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Yeh if you look in songs such as Prison Song, and Chop Suey by SOAD for example they switch from 1 on all top 3 frets, to 3. or 5 on all top 3 frets to 6.. And so forth..

That might be hard to understand, so heres an example of what i meant..

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well, listen to any nu-metal band and they use them, i.e.

System of a Down
Linkin Park
Papa Roach

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The term power chord is actually a misnomer, it is technically just the root with an added 5th (which doesn't make a chord) so their symbol would be X5. As for who uses them, a TON of metal bands, they're fairly usefull. But as was said, its just used to make things sound heavier.
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