Looking to buy two packs of strings... Simple enough, right?


Now here's the back story... I had been wanting a new steel string acoustic for quite some time (I'll admit, I'm lacking in the standard acoustic department; my 'forte', if you can even call it that, has been classical), and planned on going to Sam Ash some time to check out what they had.

So we get to the store, and head over to the acoustic room (really nice room, the Sam Ash near me is the largest Sam Ash in the nation, I believe). I play a few random steel strings, think "meh" for pretty much all of them", then I get my hands on this guy... A Washburn F52SWCE.

Okay, first thing I notice about the guitar is that it's beautiful. The particular cut of Spruce used for the body of this guitar has an almost flame-top look to it.. beautiful. I go to play and DAMN. Nice full sound, and easy to play.

So after about 30 minutes of straight contemplation on whether or not to buy this guitar (it's 710 dollars, and i only had 1600 in my bank account, and i'm quitting my job in two weeks), I end up buying it and a case for it (nice case too... has greet felt on the inside lol).

So I walk into buy two packs of strings, and walk out carrying 800 dollars worth of equipment in my hand.

Anyone else have similar stories? I love hearing about peoples' impulse purchases.
My God, it's full of stars!
I went in to buy a pick and ender up buying a 1970's Fender Vintage Reissue guitar that had a price of $410 US, mind you this guitar is only half a year old, but the original owner didn't the perfect sunburst paintjob on it (b/c the wood showed!) so I knew someone that worked there and got it for $325, with a hardshell case. That guitar is supposed to be like seven hundred dollars.
I walked into a music store just browsing. And when I saw my Epiphone Es I fell in love and HAD to walk out with it. So I did. I wasnt even planning on buying anything. Needles to say I havent bought anything since i bought it
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This has nothign to do with acoustic, but I went into a guitar store looking to spend about $250-300 on a guitar amp. I came out with a $550 tube head. I found out my cab didn't match so I returned it and got my money back.
It was a couple weeks before christmas, I went down to a nice independant music store. I went to go get an electric classical, or an electric/acoustic 12-string. I had a budget of 200 or 300 bucks, i ended up getting a Norman B20 CW Folk. A beautiful 6-string acoustic (non-electric) with a cutaway, and a classical sized body. And having spent an extra 150-200 dollars spent. Unfortunatly, It didn't come with a case, so i ended up searching for a case, and ended up buying a classical hard case.

I wish i could have gotten this case though http://www.normanguitars.com/case.htm
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I don't know if I can help it.

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I went in for some strings one time and somehow walked out with a ukulele.

The only thing stopping me from a banjo was my bank account.
Wow, I did the same thing. I walked in for a pair of strings, and walked out with a $700 Alvarez...whoops.

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I walked in to GC to get an octave g string for an acoustic 12 and walked out with two RIC 325c58s for $500 total. That was a good day.
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I once went in to buy a lead cable and walked out with 2 1000watt JBL PA speakers
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Thats even more impressive.

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