I have recently tried out a Traynor YCV40. Beautiful amp love the cleans, but it doesnt quite have enough gain for my likings (I play metal). So my question is...

Do you suggest buying an overdrive pedal and boosting the drive channel?, or buying a distortion pedal and driving the cleans?

also, if you clould recommend a few pedals along with your answer that'd be great.

BTW, looking for metallica-ish type tone.
Get a good overdrive pedal and push the dirty channel harder. Mabey a Jeckyl and Hyde pedal. It has both type of drives.
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I'd suggest getting an amp with a good dirty channel, then buy a good EQ pedal or preamp, but if you are dead set on getting that amp, I'd get a preamp with a good dirty sound(may be a little pricey). pedals usually sound muddy, and have lots of noise, so to get a real clean distortion sound you may want to run a EQ pedal or noise gate after a OD(an ibanez tubescreamer is great).
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