When playing bass I tend to float the thumb to the string above the string I'm playing on. It tends to work alright I guess. Probably a bit slower than anchoring it on the pickups or whatever..but that's my preference and I can still play fast....

Anyone else use this picking method?


Anyone have any criticism I should be informed of on using this method?
if it works for ya, sure why not?

but when you are playing a live show or just playing standing up, your method might be unreliable... its best to anchor your thumb on the bass, so that your movements are solid - watch billy sheehan lesson video, he goes on for a few minutes about anchoring-
Yeah i pick like that all the time. I four finger pick and somtimes 5 because I use my thumb alot too, and theres really no other way to get your pinkey into place on the G without stressing it too much, to opperate smoothly. Other than that i anchor it right on top of the p/u. i got a nice rounded soapbar and it works hella good for that.
Well I've tried a few different techniques. Before I was pure fixed anchor (to pickup). But after reading this article, I tried out movable anchor and floating techniques.


Though I still mainly use fixed anchor, I've become accustomed to movable technique, as it can be quite useful, especially on 5 strings. I have to say I don't like floating technique, because when I'm going crazy on stage, it makes it difficult to play.