The story is that it's about a murder that happened. I can't exactly interpret all the lyrics, but you might get the gist of it, for instance "Where the dogs do find her" is probably about police dogs looking for the body. I think it's written from the killer's point of view. But christ, I could be completely wrong about this. No doubt someone will come along and try to say it's about Scott Weiland's heroin addiction (according to some people, that's all he ever wrote about.)
well the reason i ask because (and now that you've told me this i'm a bit like wtf) we're doing that song in church tomorrow. just the music as kind of a prelude.
Ahahaha! Well, I guess it doesn't really matter if you're just doing the music, since it's a fairly upbeat sounding song.
yes and im playing the not hard but still sweet sounding bass. the guy emailed it to us friday and i had the hardest part to learn.
Robert Deleo just has an awesome tone to his playing. It's so thick sounding. I just wish that it was mixed further to the front on their albums.
dude i know i love it. i actually am a guitar player im just filling in on bass for this month at church, but yeah. i was learning the song and trying to hear it on my mp3 player, i had to use my computer cuz it has a sub woofer so i could hear it better.
Yeah, at our church we kind of do a prelude thing like that, like last week we used Possum Kingdom by The Toadies. Which is about Necrophelia.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.