ok well ive had an odd bit of confidence to unconfidence to confidence this weak, got owned by a buddy cuz i only knew rythems and he played a lot of leads and i thought i was a sucky guitarist cuz i wasnt as good as him (even tho he has been playing a year and a half longer than me) so ive been learning leads and fast songs...well i can play the betcha cant play this songs from Guitar World and i can usualy get them up to speed in less than half an hour, so wisdom from u people out there, are those songs very hard? or do they just make them sound that way and im getting false confidence
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well, those solos are meant to sound a lot harder than they are (hammering, pull-offs, bends) but i would still feel very confident(if your playing them right). They definetely arent easy.
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Of course they are meant to sound harder than what they actually are.. I.e Using effects such with Distortion and WaH Pedals and overall effects. But they aren't "easy" either.. Just like anything it takes practice to get it right
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