Could it be feedback?
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well if u have a strat its probably just the guitar, other than that, i dont know
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Other than statics caused by appliances, its probably just ur guitar being unproperly shielded. If it has single coils, then it'll most probably humm rather than humbuckers, unless you have hum-cancelling or properly shielded and wired electronics.
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I used to have this particular humming sound. I thought it was feedback BUT my guitar was stationed quite far away from my amp. I realized that it was because the wire in my guitar was very loosely connected and was on the verge of breaking. After soldering it back, the feedback was gone.
Open up the back of your guitar and check for any loose or disconnected wires.
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im glad someone brought this up i thought it was only me. on my strst if you change it from a single picup to a double it stop humming as much is that normal?

yes its normal.
some single coils hum louder than others. (some even run silent)

like said, foil lining, or shielding ur guitar will cut down on excess noise.

also, making sure computer monitors, and dimmer switches are off will cut the hum.

sometimes a guitar thats not grounded correctly will hum. thats the type of hum that gets lower when u touch metal on the guitar.

lastly, like said, sometimes a broken guitar cord, will cause hum.

(on an SSS strat, if u click to the 2 or 4 possition, and the hum lowers, its single coil hum.)
in those spots, ur using more than one S and it mimics humbucker noise cancelling.

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