wow i wish i could watch the video without the stupid goddamn song playing in the background jsut saying "SUCK A CHEETAH'S DICK!" it seriously makes me want to punch a baby. how do i turn it off?
Seriously how in the f uck do you turn it off? i want to watch the video
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whoa. theres myspace comedy now?
haha wonder what's next. myspace action. myspace drama. myspace super heroes...
great now that stupid "suck a cheetah's dick" song is stuck in my head. im gonna be singing that **** all night long
eh by far the coolest celibrity, but he called "every time i die" metal, not so, also his music intrest has alot of metalcore and nu-metal posehn no ist krieg

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Posehn is boring, go look into Zach Galifianakis.
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