I have a tab which uses the following chords:
F, Fm, Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb and F/A
If you'll note, all of them are barre chords in some variety, and keeping my hand in that position for an extended period of time makes it start cramping up pretty quick. I was wondering if anyone here know chords these could be replaced with? I have a capo, but if I slap that on, could you please tell me which new chords I'd need to use for the rest of the song? Thanks!
Practice, it's the best for you in the long run, like Mr. Raw said. Get your finger strength up.
Cramps? There are hand and finger exercises which you can do which can help you loosen up and strech your finger/hand muscles. Try them out, I think you can find some John Petecci ones on google video or something.
^ what they said, my fingers still start to cramp on occasion, if i play a whole song that involves a lot of bar chords
keep at it mate... Get a "grip master" its a fancy little finger excersicer... mines done me wonders over the years..
dont try to take shortcuts. if you cant do if, you obviously need to practise or learn an easier song (in your skill level). im not trying to be harsh but shortcuts will f*ck you over in the long run.
F, Fm, Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb and F/A

Either tune down half a step (and make Eb and Ab open chords) or put a capo on the first fret (so F and Bb are open chords and the Eb is a D chord shape...but i don't know what you'd do with the F/A in that case...just replace it with a regular F)
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