i play indie rock and i was wondering whats a good distortion pedal for what i play?

i dont need alot of distortion. just a little.
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I would go for an overdrive pedal, like the DS1 or a Maxon OD9, ibanez Tubescreamer
Well what amp do you have? If valve, we could suggest you some overdrives.
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Well i play a lot of indie and rock orientated music and i have a ProCo Rat 2. Its great because you can go from really light overdrives and thin indie sounding distortions to real thick, hard rock tones. What kind of bands do you mean in these styles. I play stuff like arctic monkeys, futureheads, graham coxon, muse, bloc party, futureheads, basically a big range of styles. I can achieve pretty much all of them using this pedal. Definately worth checking out!
BOSS DS-1, or DS-2
Digitech Hot Rod
Digitech Hot Head
Ibanez Tubescreamer

check these out
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Boss DS-1, Boss SD-1, or maybe a tubescreamer. The Boss DS-1 is the best if you are going to be playing through solid state. Otherwise check the overdrives.
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Definately either a Boss DS-1 or an Ibanez Re-issue TS9.

If you can stretch to it.

I reccomend a Jekyll & Hyde overdrive pedal. Friend has one and it nails indie damn well.