For the song bulls on parade do i really need a guitar with two volume knobs to do the solo or can i just do it with two tone knobs? and if so is it possible to customize the guitar to have two volume knobs?
well since tone knobs do something completely different than volume knobs you can rule out using those. Putting an extra volume knob on isnt that difficult but youd have to explain the exact setup of how his guitar works for me to tell you what youd need to do.
Im not fammiliar with hat sollo bit if it involves rapid pickup switching putting the two tone knobs at exreeme an opposite settings might give you a somewhat simmilar effect but it wouldnt really be the same.
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well my guitar is an american stratocaster its chrome red but its got 22 frets with single strat pickups it has never been modded. is there anything specific u need to know?
Tom Morello uses a killswitch. Where one position of the switch is one of his pickups and the other position is where all pickups are off a.k.a. "killed" hence the name...killswitch
i know but i read a tab that said he uses his killswitch with one of his volume knobs turn to 0 and the other to 10
ya he doesnt have a 'killswitch' per se, but has one of his pups on 0, and switches between them for the sound. try getting the effect with your tone knobs - maybe lower one pup all the way or something, but its not that hard to install a killswitch. look for some diagrams on the internet, and get whatever you need at stewmac.
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then it's just a normal pickup switch and not a killswitch

I read in some guitar magazine article, that he has one position in his 5 way switch "dead" (probably 2nd - in fender it's neck and middle together)
No, he has a killswitch on his guitar. And thats what he himself calls it. He has the 5 way pickup selector like on all Fenders and then he also has a 3 way switch like you see on most Gibsons. He just has two volume knobs so when one is completely off and one is on, and he uses that killswitch, it makes the sound cut in and out. This video explains it all really.
No, no, no! Its so much easier just to wire a two-way killswitch, because there's only 2 ways, instead of having to pass through the middle position to get to the off pickup and back.