hi there,
i got a problem with my amp, a fender frontman, when i turn it on there seems to be nothing wrong with it, but when you plug the amp cable in (either with or without the guitar plugged in on the other end) the amp starts making a lot of noise, it would almost seem as if there was a short circuit somewhere. when you play the guitar, you can't hear anything but the noise. when you turn up the volume (so the noise gets unbearable, you can hear the guitar at a very very low volume through the speaker. My guitar is ok, and i tried another amp cable as well. I also checked the fuse, which is ok, and checked for unwanted wires connecting etc, but i couldnt find anything. Anyone got any suggestions?
sounds like when you don't have the guitar plugged in all the way and since you said that the cord was fine.. maybe the input or output socket of your guitar is jacked up