Well , that differs from any other song you made.
i heard your new song a little. it was preety cool . To be honest I only heard till 1:11 mark , cause i opened "the voices told me to" , cause thats what I do every time I go to your page, hehe .
Anyway , from the little i heard , It rocked.! good job.
Wanna take a look at mine?

I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
It's pretty good but needs more. The first minute and a half is just one progression. Add something interesting there, take it into an odd time signature or something.
It's an interesting blend with the more electro-esque drums and overdriven guitar. Well. it was quite monotonous. Why didn't you use more that piano you had in the beginning? It could've brought some change. Wasn't very fond of your leads either. It sounded like you weren't exactly sure what you were going to do. A bit shy, in other words. It was a nice attempt, but too monotonous.

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