Anyone have any idea how much a 1987 Fender Telecaster (American) is worth?

I'm currently stuck between buying a 1987 Fender Telecaster for £800 or buying a New Fender Stratocaster

Anyone have any views on this? and is £800 a good deal?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
well how much does an american tele cost? also it depends on which fender stratocaster your talking about?
That sound a little steep to me. I found an american tele in local ads for $500 just last week.
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Not worth it. American tele's/strats from the past 20 years are the same as the modern ones, in most cases.
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Okay, thanks for the help guys..I think I'm going to go play some new ones pretty soon.
^Good idea. Try some Japanese Tele's out too, they're immense.

Any chance you could try out the '87 Tele?
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I just found out today that its a '78 Tele...not '87 and I'm gonna try it out soon..I may take a look at some Japanese Teles too.

Thanks for the advice guys