need a bunch of crowd pleasing recognisable songs to play on guitar, cuz most of the stuff i play is heavy metal but for a group of oldies that aint real impressive, got a crowd of family members to blow their brains out with the axe but i need some songs that will do it in the best way possible for them ( namely, knowing whats being played ). so any songs u can think of list here that are "crowd pleasers ( eg, enter sandman ).
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everyone knows stuff like guns n roses-songs like 'mr brownstone' and 'rocket queen' are recognizable but not overdone which = crowd pleasers
genre jumping covers are also a great crowd pleaser; for example, give some pop song some heavy metal riffs (i actually like cob's oops i did it again cover)
if all else fails, play tenacious d's '**** her gently' - awesome crowd pleaser if you pull it off right. have fun

edit- i didnt realize this would be for older family friends. damn. ignore my post.
naaah dont go with guns n roses - go with david bowie or queen, you cant go wrong! my band does ziggy stardust and its cool
I usually ask what they like to hear, and hope i know it. Honestly, i am never pleased when i hear my self or someone else play guitar unless it is accompanied by some singing lol.
I usually play eric clapton or Led zeppelin and Gunz and roses suck

edit: LOL Freebird FTW +1 i fukn <3 that song^^
Back in Black
Crazy Train
Iron Man
Seek and Destroy

You want to get the crowd involved in a song like that, all of these allow you to let the crowd sing along. Walk will get them revved way up.
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smoke on the water. go crazy with the soloing. g pentatonic minor.
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3 words...Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton

...i guess that's 5 words... but anyway

my cousin was playing it and i was getting jealous uz my WHOLE family loved it so i ran home and learned it in about 3 hours i was playing it flawlessly, u just needa get the right tab and dont just play one guitar part, like mix different parts, like guitar one with solo (which is usually guitar 2 or 3 who does solo) and bridge and outro!

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