I thought the cover was alright.

I thought that you might've increased the tempo from the introduction the first verse, then you came back down to regular speed.
You voice gave off that mellow tone, which is perfect for this cover, and I enjoyed the choruses as well.

My cover of a Death Cab for Cutie song if you get the chance.
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
Quote by PlasticChair123
I was bored this morning so I threw this togather in 2 takes.

Not Perfect though.

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Such Great Heights

doesnt sound mellow enough... sounds like youre just playing and singing, which i find when i do that i sing higher and louder.
id like to hear you redo it and sing softer and quieter, of course turn the mic volume up so you can hear the vocals.

other than all that it sounds pretty good.