I do not want to buy a right handed guitar to restring... so i'll check out what deals i can get in the local guitar shops but if i had to turn to the net where should i go?


This seems to be the only website that offers a lefty but its £520 whereas ive seen an offer for a right handed one for only £380 elsewhere - quite a difference even though there is no carry case.

Any suggestions / hints ?
first off WELL done, Casinos are great guitars, iv been wanting one for ages but i settled for an Ibanez.

£380? where id like to know!! £380 is very cheap for a casino, £520 seems right, i say go for that, im a memeber of GAK there good and honestly priced
so either pay an extra 140 for something thats suited to you. or get a model not suited to you and get everything reversed
Quote by JerrySeinfeld

£380? where id like to know!! £380 is very cheap for a casino, £520 seems right



Although the above are American, adding shipping costs to the UK wouldnt raise the price ridiculously and therefore the $599 seems like a real bargain. I'll see what the man in the guitar shop says but it looks like its gonna be the £520 lefty for moi. Thanks