Hi all,

resontly on my acoustic iv replaced the nut and fiddeled with the truss rod abit to give the neck more relife (fret buzz was a b*tch)

now my guitar just sounds crap, when i have a capo on any fret it sounds great, just when i play chords on on open strings it just sounds aweful even when its in tune.

I got some advice from the guys at the electric forum but i need help from you guys seeing as your the pros at acoustics. Some suggested it was my intonation, when i played an open bottom E string, my tuner read it as a E, but the the 12th fret, it either read it as a A or very sharp E.

They then suggested to take the saddle out and re-insert it, i did that aswell but that didnt help, anyone have any ideas as to what should be done? Im not taking it to a shop or professional, i have no money
bring it to the shop and haave them fix the intonation. u completely threw it off.
^ yup, don't ever try this at home kids, it's for trained professionals, or at least someone who knows what they're doing..... let this be a lesson for you in the future, don't jack with the truss rod and you won't have to shell out $30+ to get it fixed.
alright Jerry, to fix it yourself all you have to do is BECOME A GUITAR TECH..... apprentice with one for about a year or so and you'll learn it, of course when school or work rolls around for you you'll have to drop out/quit. seriously dude, take it to a shop, you're supposed to have the intonation set about once every 12-18 months anyways (depending on where you live, storage climates, etc) there is no easy answer to fixing this because all guitars are different and have different settings for different things, string gauge is just one of them (different settings for different gauge strings in different tunings)
yes thanks to everybody, im a complete ass, iv realized that. Now can anyone help me already? iv no money and need to sort this out, flaming on about how stupid i am inst helping
isnt it somethin where u have to make a harmonic on the 12th sound the same as open string?

i've never done it and dont pretend to know how to do it.. why dont ya jus google it
for your initial problem, you should have raised the action by buying a new bridge or something, don't play with the truss rod
EDIT: T'was posted in the wrong thread. Sorry.
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