what type is the best? those fancy rack units

whats the price for one of those? I think those Eventides go for about $2500 but they'll do every form of modulation imaginable (you'll have to find some other place for your distoriton and that)

otherwise you can get a Boss GT8 for about $440 which is pretty good as far as floor based units go
the Line 6 PodXT seems to be pretty popular, more of a general recording tool as only the PodXT Live also has footswitches and stuff so you can change settings in the middle of a song.

The Boss GT6 seem to have been discontinued but it would have been about that much, there some Digitech and Korg for around $300 but I don't know much about them.
You can probably find a used PodXT Live for around $300. They are pretty good. I have fooled around with them a bit and almost just bought one.

Also check out the Boss GT8 and GT6. You could probably find them used around that price range also.
I would say try the new korg ones, I have the old version and it has a rip off of every famous modulation effect and it nails it reall really well.

and there like under 200 bucks so...

Try it out.
get the zoom g2 instead of the 606's, there so much better

and i think the pod xt live or the boss one's like mentioned above are your best bet