i found my friends old guitar the other day that he gave to me. Its an encore guitar, and thats all i can work out I think its from early 90's, late 80's. Its quite basic and has a nice sound. It has a humbucker pick up Here is a pic:

Should i try and do things myspelf or send it to a shop. everything on it is wrecked apart from the body and kneck. IF there are any specific things i should put on it please show a link

All thanks is appreciated
sorry i guess i wasnt spcific enough. The volume and tone knobs will do full circles, the bridge rattles, the machine heads rattle, and the string saddles are broken. Would it be easier to take it in to a local guitar shop, or try and fix it myself.
its easier to take it to a guitar shop but if you do it yourself you learn how to do it....
Depends on the damage done. I would do both. Take it in to a guitar shop and ask them what the damage is and how much it's going to cost if they do it, then ask if you can order the parts and do it yourself. Im sure they will tell you how to do it or at least give you tips. If they're are certain things that you can't do, let them, but try to do as much as you can on your own, it will be worth it.