Hey, I'm looking to change the valves in my Screamer 50 combo (mostly just to see if it makes any difference!) and I was wondering what you would recommend? I'll be replacing the power and pre amp valves. My top 3 choices at the moment are JJ's, Electro Harmonix and Tung sol.

One other thing! Does anyone know what pre amp valves affect the different channels. ie does ;
V1 - clean channel
V2 - crunch
V3 - soft lead
V4 - heavy lead

Is that true? I can't find any info on it, since if different valve positions affects the different channels, I'll put high gain valves in V4 and low gain ones in V1 etc

Thanks for you time!
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UG seems to like JJ's from eurotubes.com. I haven't had to change my tubes yet but I think I am going to go to them when I do.
I don't know which valves affect which channels, but I do know a place that may be able to tell you.

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