Is there any string gauge which would handle anything from E standard to detuned 2 steps? Or should I get separate strings?
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use thicker strings....if u have a 5 string id try 125-130 guage on ur B...in standard itll be tight and chunky, and downtuned t will be throaty as ****

and btw...basses arent like guitars, man. ur gunna warp ur neck downtuning and then tuning way back up again. ur better off getting a couple more basses so u can keep the bass u got...

thats all
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power slinkies, I those are the thickest strings I have ever seen, and played. They might work.
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yeah but if your using thick strings then you cant get all the way up to E your better off just getting like a 5 string bass tuned B-G and also haveing your regular 4 string E-G cause thats your best bet
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