First of all hello to everyone as this is my first post...

I'm looking for a new guitar, somewhere around a 1000 ? (+/- 1100$). My main genre is metal, so the basics should include:

pickups that work great for a distorted sound (EMG?)

a fast, slim neck (Ibanez WIZARD?)

and offcourse a cool shape

The brands I've been looking into so far are: Ibanez, ESP, Washburn (I currently own a Washburn Idol WI64DL which I'm trying to sell), Schecter and Jackson.

My primary question would be: does anyone of you have good/bad experiences with the mentioned brands (with the genre in mind)?

In particular; the Maya DD75 Pro >>> I've been browsing every night for the last 2 weeks trying to find the right guitar (and yes, I know you can only find the right guitar by playing it but I have to start somewhere ) and I just love the shape of the maya series. It's quite a bit above my price range but it can be found for much less than the mentioned 2700$.

To make a long story short:

Any suggestions for the brand I should go with? and Any experience with the Maya series? (I can't find any good INDEPENDENT reviews)

Thx a lot!!!
Ibanez will work for you... but a Jackson would work better for different kinds of metal.... i suggest trying out a jackson and an ibanez at guitar center

Jackson: thin necks, good fret access, nice feel, and EMGs
Ibanez: Thin necks, pretty good fret access, good feel, and OK pickups

i suggest one of those two
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Does anyone know the precise neck dimensions of the maya DD75 (1st en 12th fret). I can't seem to find them anywhere...