i've made up this riff:


ive been messing arouind with a bit but i cant get a solo that actually sounds half decent

please help!!!!
hey those are the same chords for juicebox by the strokes!
looks like its different timing so it doesnt count as copying
jus practise some scales or something, and see what comes up
heres what i do:

play the root notes one or two octaves up over and over and over... and whenever you wanna add somehing to it(bend, doublestop, or throw in a few notes between root notes) every time until u cant anymore.... then play THAT over and over and over and arange everything to the way u want it

its all about dicking around, man
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Well it would be in the key of E I think. Go from there.
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minor & major pentatonic scales & arpeggios are your friend
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well lets look at the riff more closly the chords are E5 D5 and Bb5 so i would think of some scales that have E D and Bb in them, theres only two so u got a choice on this one, u can choose E locrian which is E F G A Bb C D or E blues which is E G A Bb B D, also playing an E diminished 7th arpeggio which is E G Bb C#

but then again u sound like a begginer so E blues is ur best bet its simply a E minor pentatonic with an extra Bb to gve it that bluesy feel
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Ill tell you what i do when I have to write a solo. Get your scales ready. I use a pentatonic scale. So what ill do is, say you have your chords progression goes - e - g - c . Then get a an E pentatonic scale/shape on your guitar and use some notes from that, and the same for the g and c.

Just an idea of what I sometimes do