Ok, this is my cover of one of my favorite Maiden songs. I did the solo in one take, and just kind of improvised, so its not the best, although it is one of my better improvisations. I also posted this in the Maiden contest. Let me know what you guys think.

work on the acoustic part, but other than that it was awsome
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Parts of it were off timing and u missed a few notes but other than that it was good and the solos werent bad but thats the best u can do cause there isnt a tab out there that is even close to right. my band learned it and we had to improvise on the solos to but we were covering a live version and they play the solos different almost every time. nice job though
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the acoustic part is a bit ruff - but not so much when you get more into it. i would say add some bass, cause the distorted part sounds a bit thin without it - but they're played well. it gets a little bit repetitive - remember that there are no vocals! you need to make it interesting as an intrumental. nice pinched harmonic - i appreciated that. the timing on the solo is a bit off - i would work on getting that down. sounds great though.

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This is def one of my fav Maiden songs.... good job brother
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