Whenever I hit the high e open there is massive feedback on my amp. I don't know what it is, I've fiddled with the settings and everything on it, and no luck. It just happens with my Taylor too. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
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might be ur pickup
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I would fiddle with the EQ...set the bass up higher, and lower the high range a little.

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well even though that is a nice soundhole pickup... it's still a soundhole pickup. feedback is pretty much inevitable when playing at loud volumes with just a soundhole pickup. based on your sig it also seems that you are playing through an electric guitar amp, this will also tend to generate more feedback in my experience. the only thing you can really do is try standing further away from the amp and make sure are facing away from it. after that you've just gotta experiment with what volume levels you can play at without the feedback. your setting will also effect the amount of feedback you get. for instance, you are more likely to have a problem with feedback playing in your bedroom than in your back yard. another thing you might want to look into is a "hush pedal." i can't remember who makes them but they are designed to eliminate feedback when playing acoustic guitar. i've only seen one, but it worked fairly well when paired with the other things i have already said.
Dean Markley makes this thing called the wing thats supposed to help cut down on feedback. its pretty much a rubber circle that fits on either side of the pick up
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