Hey there...im just looking for a device to use to record some riffs and soon compelte songs to store on my computer at a low budget...does the jam lab have enough for me? the tone im looking for his a nu metal kind of trivium/bullet for my valentine/all that remains...can this handle it do you think?
Hey dude.

I just bought the M Audio Jam Lab.

Firstly, you may want to read what I posted about it here:


Go to the bottom of that Thread. Kind of my own review on the thing with a few screencaps.

If you want to listen to how it actually sounds like, listen to two things I recorded using it a few days ago here:


If you want nu metal, this thing could do it. You just need to know how to create your own Effects chain ie Mixing Distortion with Flanger and an Equilizer etc.

I have no idea how Trivium is nu metal, but Jamlab certainly is a wicked peice of software man man.
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