Here is an intro I wrote today. It seems alright to me. Please leave a crit if you listen, along with a link to some of your work and I will crit yours ASAP.
The song sounds a bit wierd bcos you seem to be changing styles throughout the intro. You seem to be going from a wierd whimsical chord pattern, to a pop-rock guitar riff. that aside though, hte intro sounds pretty good, but i cant really crit it much bcos its not the whole song. try writing the full song and ill crit it again. cant wait

that's not long enough to crit... but it seems like you could get a song going from here. Just use that chord progression with an interesting strumming pattern and write some arpeggios or something over it, and you got a song. but yea, kinda hard to crit right now...

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its good for what it is, an intro, though i think the two dirty guitars could be easily played on one

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