Hi. Heres another new on called "An Unfeigned Notion"
The link is http://wg3.dmusic.com
Give it a listen and let me know waht you think.
Crit for Crit.

Now Is Not The Time To Cry....Now's The Time To Find Out Why!!!!

its toooo quiet! i cant hear anything for 6 seconds. ill never get those six seconds of my life back!


wow most of the vocals fit quite well and are powerful in places.
the chorused guitar sounds a bit too messy at 2:00 ish.

solo has some duff bends and the tone could be better. reminds me of my solos
keyboard works well in the end!
congrats on the excellent vocal job! overall the songs v good!

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very quiet, I had to crank everything to hear it. I like the song, and your singing, but some parts of the instruments sound out of tune in parts or something, could be just me though. Overall good playing, and very cool ideas. I like your soloing, maybe a little more vibrato, but nice work man.
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Wow, very nice chord progression. I like your voice too. You weren't accurately on the pitch all the time though. Those vocal harmonies were killer anyhow. I wasn't very fond of the drums. They're too loud and too simple IMO. Also, it sounds like the distorted guitar isn't quite in tune. Allthough, that part sounds quite good with echo-ish vocals. The guitar solo was simple but effective. Good songwriting; I liked the way how the song builded up. Just work a little bit on the instrumental side. Good job!

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