okay, so i live in college station texas, which is like the humidity capitol of the world, thanks to all the pollution from houston...anyway, can all this humidity have an effect on my guitar? most of the time i play it indoors, but i bring it outside to play on occasion, should i do anything about this?
No, humidity is somethign you can't avoid. being inside doesn't stop the air being humid and humidity is different from pollution
well, what will the humidity do to my guitar?..and its the pollution that causes the humidity, something to do with the greenhouse effect i think...
air conditioners take humidity out the air so you will be better off indoors.

The main downside to high humidity is that it makes the guitar sound less "alive" because the strings have to move all the water around as well as moving the wood. It's not the consistant high humidity that hurts guitars. It's when it goes up and down quickly that is the real problem and if you combine it with temp changes that makes it even worse.

For ideal sound keep the humidity below %60 and to avoid damage keep it above %40
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okay, thanks man, (heh, small world, i was just reading your thread on ordering all that rosewood from india...good luck!)
I believe it acts much like a humidor at a cigar shop... keeps the temperature and humidity at the same levels constant... as was said above... its the rapid change in climate that effects the wood of a guitar so badly..
The wood can crack and split.

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