Hey, Im sort of new at playing and Im looking to learn some sweet sounding metal riffs/solos/songs but I can't decide on what I want to play. Any suggestions on songs that are good and good to learn would be much appreciated.

Symphony of Destruction by megadeth is perfect for a beginner. I had a lot of fun playing it when I first started because it sounded cool and was easy.
Try Enter Sandman - Metallica... i like it and its easy... (not the solo tho :P)
Paranoid - Black Sabbath is cool aswell and the solo is quite easy so try to learn whole that song. Have fun.
try some metallica..

metallica - enter sandman
metallica - for whom the bells tolls
metallica - where ever i may roam

thoose aren't too hard..
Try For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. That's another good beginner riff.
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walk, by pantera
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if you can pinch, battering ram by BLS, Crazy Train by Ozzy (intro, and maybe verse), Down With the Sickness by Distrubed is hard rock but a cool riff, pretty much every riff off the Master of Puppets album by Metallica.
For Whom The Bell Tolls-Metallica (first song I ever learned, its really easy)
Paranoid-Black Sabbath (helps get your downpicking good)
****ing Hostile-Pantera (probably not the solo, but the riffage in that song can really help your alternate picking and decently fast power chord changing)
Stillborn-Black Label Society (kinda boring after a while, but helps your pinching technique, and get that really good chugging downpick sound)

Oh, and pretty much anything off of Metallica's black album, and Kill Em' All (riffs at least)