If anyone hasn't bought a copy of muse's new album i suggest u go out and buy it, it's great. Gotta say tho its not as gud as some of their albums, 'Origin of Symmetry' and 'Absolution' are probably better but it's probably better than 'showbiz'. Sayin that all albums are ****in amazin. they're probably my favourite band ever.

Can anyone also find a better musician than Matt Bellamy? Anyone that knows Muse will tell you that hes insanely gud at singin, playin guitar and piano as well as rightin all of Muse's epic songs which are like no other band. They're also incredible live. You can't ask any more of em. Anyone who thinks theres a band better or a musiician better than Matt Bellamy, im all ears.

Anyone goin to see them at Birmingham in November?

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Quote by oli.hendon
Can anyone also find a better musician than Matt Bellamy?

I feel as if you are going to get flamed for that.
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The New album is truely amazing. I think the song knights of Cydonia just epitimises how creative Muse are. I agree with the Matt bellamy statement he is probably the best all round musician in the world today for originality, live performances and everythin generally. I thought showbiz was better than origin but all great albums. I got tickets for the Birmingham gig also should be quality
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As much as matt, chris and dom make my special places moist. THere is already a big thread.