I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom at the moment however im looking to get another guitar for easier upper fret access.

At my local music store i've checked out various guitars and i've found 2 guitars which i think are great:
Fender Fat Strat
Ernie Ball John Petrucci Signature

Anyway, so my budget is not a tight one but preferably £1000 or less would be good (US$1750). I play various styles but should be my all purpose/rock guitar. I MAINLY play stuff like Neil Zaza, Canon Rock, Dream Theater etc.

I'm looking for a trem bar (or a Floyd Rose) and 24 frets would be nice (though its not a big issue)

By the way, i wasn't a big fan of the ESP Eclipse I and Ibanez guitars...

Please advise!


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Fender Fat Strat would be nice.
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Well, you could get a LTD M-1000, which has 24, an OFR and goes at $1'400, list price, but if you don't want to go heavy, you'd have to change the p'ups, since it has 2 EMG 81's.
Or, you could get an '06 Jackson SL3, which has a good LFR I think and mediocre p'ups (HSS conf), that you could change more easily, since it's cheaper ($1'050 on Musicians Friend).
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choose a jackson dk-1. it's a great usa guitar loaded with ebony fingerboard, a pair of emg pickups (81 & 85) and a floyd rose original tremolo. this guitar will kickass fender and ernie junk guitars. i have seen one at zzounds about 1600 dollars
Well if you like Gibson, and want easy upper fret access, the Gibson SG's look like they have that.
idk if you would like it but sg's have great fret access
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i'd say a soloist jackson, dinky jackson or M-1000 esp
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