so yesterday i thought it was time to move up a string gauge to see how I do, well I was using 9 Earnie Ball Super Slinkies, now I move up to Zakk Wylde signature 10 guage.. but what I didnt realize was the low e string is 60 for the zakk set, and my usual super slinkies low e is 42... now the zakk set a string is 52, thats still bigger than the super slinkies e string

should I tough this out and get used to them, or should I just go back to earnies?
tough it out man definately.. i started playing 11s about a year ago and it takes alot of getting used to (i still have trouble with bending vibrato on higher strings) but the tone is much better and worth it IMO.
That's not too thick. I use 11's and I don't think they're thick enough. You made the mistake of playing on 9's too long and now you're used to playing rubber bands instead of guitar strings.
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thanks guys i didnt know if it was normal to have 10 - 60, I didnt think it would go up that much.. zakk might have iron fingertips
if you like the sound they give you stick with it, if not move back to what you know. or maybe take a slight step down from those gauges
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well i say stick it out, but all this about getting better tone from thicker strings isnt neccesarily true, it depends what ure looking for. Your playing style will be what dictates your string gauge otherwise as if it was only the tone that players choose the thickness for then all the top players int eh world would use 13's lol.
the tone is better on the thinner strings, but the thicker.. man doesnt sound better, and slides up there are hard.. Mop is a bitch
Stick it out man!
It's really worth it,
plus when you come down off the higher guage strings it'll probably be easier for you to cope to get lower guages to use them

I use Gibson britewire 10's on electrics and
I play jazz phosphor bronze 11's from DaD. on my acoustics

Oh and don't forget to change your settings as putting a high guage on will pul your neck over more, putting out the itonation.
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Well it depends on the feel too i guess. I ve been playing 12s for the past two years and love the sound and feel. Though the pain really doesn't last long, you get used to them and bending and vibrato becomes just as easy and normal. But yeah ive decided to go down to 10s on my new guitar and keepthe 12s on the other one, the strin can be too great at times .
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the thing with zack wylde strings is that they have a lighter gauge for the treble strings and a really heavy gauge for the bass strings. You can get sets with 10s for the high e and i think 56s or 54s for the low e, that might make the adjustment a little easier.
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damn these are 10-60 earnie ball REGULAR Slinkies go 10-46

i think thats more what I was looking for.. lol my normal super slinkies go 9-42
People are ignoring fret scale too... Fender scale is harder to bend and thus I would never go over 10 with them, while on a Gibson scale 11 is the way to go.