Here's the deal. I've written plenty of sets of lyrics, but all too often, they sound like they were written by different people. I don't have any consistent voice, and one set of my lyrics could be completely the opposite of another.

For example - one set of lyrics I wrote is an innocent narrative about a guy too shy to talk to a girl, and another is a gruesome and blunt satircal attack on the bloodshed caused by a Japanese imperial unit of scientists during World War II.

And another is an happy "sigh of relief" type song that talks about being glad a sour relationship is over, and another is a politically-charged attack on American leaders who progressively strip citizens of their civil liberties (generic, I know).

So, is this a bad thing? Cause with just about all lyricists I can think of, you kind of KNOW they wrote it.

You can read a set of lyrics and automatcally know they're from a RHCP song. You can read a set of lyrics and instantly know they were taken from a Rage Against the Machine song. Same applies for AC/DC, Muse, Pink Floyd, SoaD, etc etc.

These writers all have a consistent voice that speaks through their lyrics, while I do not. Basically, my question is this - would that turn you away from listening to or liking a certain band or artist because of this?