This is a little thing I came up with this morning in like 10 minutes so go easy on me.
It is two guitar parts and some soloing thrown in which isn't my best soloing. I'm lazy and don't want to re-record so if you don't like you will have to live with it.

Crit away!

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sounds great overall, i did get a little spiking in the right channel in some parts. the fast thing that is at 0:20 seems like it could be a little louder. just my opinion though.

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Liking the beginning. Nice tone and a little touch of delay there. Pretty good riffs with the distorted rhytym guitar. Maybe work more with lead guitar. It sounded a bit sloppy on some places. Also, try to develop some riffs that you repeat and maybe build some sort of climax. It was a good job. Keep it up!

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Thanks for all the comments and I'll get to criting yours

The soloing wasn't meant to be perfect I just threw it in there. I can re-record it now that I've got some feedback on the other stuff.
Nice balad. relaxing melody , very pleasant to hear . The tone isnt that good so the quality of THE SONG isnt shown .
I think if you record this with better quality and drum beat , it will be a complete song .Although i couldnt say that was a metal song , more like a plain melodic instrumental song .
To sum up , the songs melody is awesome , relaxing , the guitar quality bellitles the whole idea of the song.
Thumbs up for the melody.

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I'm sorry about the quality. I'm using Audacity and a very crappy mic so that might affect the tone of the guitar. When I'm playing it sounds great through the amp. Anyway I can make the recording quality better?

Thanks for the crits

EDIT: Today I'm going to re-record trying a different tone on the lead and actually try to play some lead.
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Theres only three guitar tracks in there.

I've got a clean, distortion and lead but I'm redoing the lead today.

Thanks for the comments

EDIT: Is crunchy bad or good?
thx for the cirt

very cool melody u have here, kidna sucks that it is drowned out by the rhythm distortion, kinda clashes (not note wise, but volume wise). pretty cool licks from what i could hear, maybe expand a little more, and with audacity (like wat i do), u could pan the rhythm sections and put the solo in the middle (just a tip, kinda makes it sounds cooler). anyways, rerecord and lemem listen.
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

im listening to it now. awesome. dude, this is great, might wanna tune down the distortion, but the melody would be recognizable anywhere. real tip, you could make the backing a little different in volume, but i dont know how your recording gear works that well. only 2 years? even if its not overly fast, it seems like theres a make up for lack of speed in the melody. damn awesome.