I've been playing for a while now on a no name practice amp, and I think it's time I upgraded.

I'm looking for an amp that is gig-worthy, and definitely loud enough for small clubs and bars, and can be heard with another guitar, bass, and drums. Preferably all tube, but if that's out of my budget, then the next best thing is fine.

I play a Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster.

The band that we're forming mainly plays just all out rock, but I don't need an amp with lots of distortion built in, I'd probably buy an overdrive or distortion pedal.

My budget is $450


But if I do, the shipping needs to be included in that $450.

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The Peavey Valveking (30 watts) is probably the cheapest tube amp that can do clubs, but even that is a little out of your budget if they aren't much cheaper in the US than here in the UK. The hybrid Vox Valvetronix range is very well reputed, you'll probably be able to afford one that's gig-worthy.
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get a peavey valveking, they are in your price range, and all tube, and sound pretty good. they take a little tweaking to dial in a good sound sometimes though. and remember tube amps have alot of serviceing and upkeep costs, ie new tubes and amp tech fees. and tube amps are a little fragile compared to a ss amp so you cant just expect to plug it in and go all of the time, UG has a few columns about taking care of your tube amps, so id say they are required reading if you want to avoid braking them.
in don't know about all tube (combo amp) for 450.. if you looking for built in effects a Behringer AC-112 aint bad. it only has a pre-amp tube though. but it is gig worthy and will play over other intruments. probably not what your looking for though.
hot rod deluxes are awesome.

i play one and i love it. my only complaint is that you get some break up if you turn the volume all the way up on the clean channel.
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i think a blues jr. with a OD pedals is great for rock as long as your not going into metal territory

or a used hot rod deluxe
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Thanks for all the fast responses.

There's a Fender dealer very close to where I live, and last time I was there, they had both a Blues Jr. and a Hot Rod Deluxe, so I'll be sure to try them out.

How would an Orange AD15 compare to the Hot Rod Deluxe?

EDIT: Looked up the prices on Orange amps, nevermind.
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If you want a more edgey overdrive than the deluxe, then you could look into the peavey classic 30.
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A 10watt difference is almost nothing when it comes to volume, and i've gigged with an HRD, it was plenty loud for my school auditorium, so the classic 30 should be good to go.
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C30 is damn loud...all tube 30 is screamin....my recommendations are the Blues Jr., Hot Rod Deluxe, and the C30. Those are the amps in this area. I own the C30 and really really enjoy it, give it a try.
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What about a Hot Rod Deluxe?

I saw some on eBay easily in my price range.

Great amps
dude get the hot rod. Its very very loud, the cleans are beautiful, and it takes to overdrive pedals really well. My hotrod plays awsome with my tubescreamer.
For the money check out Ampeg Reverberocket. 50w all tube, much like a hot rod deluxe. They can be found used for around $350-400, absolute money amps. You'd want an OD pedal for modern or hard rock.
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There's always the B-52 AT212, you might be able to squeeze one into your price range. The Fender and maybe an OD would do pretty good.
Hot Rod and an overdrive, or a Peavey Classic 30.

Also, look for a Laney VC30.
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One more persons vouching for the Peavey C30, I got mine for 320, that leaves some cash for other crap like booster pedals.
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As indicated by my avatar, I'm a huge fan of old Ampeg amps. Their more recent amps are really cool and decently priced too but you can find old ones from the 70's on Ebay at great prices pretty often. You could mostly likely get a VT-22 (100-watt combo, 2 speakers) or a VT-40 or VT-60 (40 and 60 watts, respectively, 4 speakers) combo amp there that would fit your budget, including shipping.

Either of these would probably suit your needs nicely. If you have a favorite distortion pedal, you'd me amazed at how good it will sound through one of these:



Here's some reviews of the VT-40:


I have the head version of the VT-22 and I love it. I've been playing for over 20 years and have been through tons of amps. Mine has been modded somewhat and cleaned up but it only cost me $500 a year ago. I love it so much it replaced my $2000 Framus Cobra. VT-22's are 100-watt amps and EXTREMELY loud with a ton of clean headroom. Most do not have built-in distortion but they take pedals very well. They're perfect for jazz or blues and can easily do heavy music with the right pedal. The closest non-Ampeg amp I can think of to the VT-22 would probably be a Fender Bassman but I actually prefer the Ampeg's clean sound over it. They have an amazingly warm, crisp and distinct clean, and excellent reverb also. I don't think you can beat those amps for the money. Back in the day they were used by the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Mistfits and they're still used by Steve Morse and by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. Good luck!
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i would go with a peavey classic 30, great sounding amps
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his budget is 450 ... The peavey will be more in your budget, but don't rush into buying a tube amp, you'll be better of with something more expencive that you REALLY like.
i have a peavey classic and its amazing

that being said there is not that much clean headroom, or i need new tubes lol

because i find with audiences of 1000+ people, if you are using clean stage volume isnt viable
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What do you think of the Fender '65 Reissue Twin Reverb?

Apparently loads of people who own them, absolutely love them.
They're in a higher league than the Peavey Classics.
Try one out.
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Apparently loads of people who own them, absolutely love them.
They're in a higher league than the Peavey Classics.
Try one out.

Remember to listen to everything RHCP says too!!

Yeah, I would recommend trying them.
I'd say classic 30. IMO, it destroys the hotrod.
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