i'm going to be going on a mission trip to the dominican republic on thursday, and i want to bring my guitar, i'll obviously be flying, and i want to know wether or not its safe for me to bring it, what i'd like to do is take it as a carry-on, but i think it might be too big, does anybody have any experience in long distance air travel with guitars? i really want to bring it! please help!
i traveled with my guitar over to aisa before. i just brought a hardcase. my guitar came out fine. it kinda depends on how the airplane people handle the luggage.
get a gd sturdy flight case, obv. de-tune your guitar, like tottaly loosen all the strings before u get on the plane, the changes in pressure cause the strings to stretch, and snap if they havent been loosened
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hopefully you have a hardshell case, then around that you can find online these special boxes made for transporting guitars with styrofoam in them to go around the case, thats about the only way to do it
good luck!
First and formost take the string off completly, or just down tune the hell out of it so that there is no tension. So if/when it is dropped, your chances of the neck flying off are waaay down.

Do you have a nice case for it? Like a hard shell with a lock? If so lock it up then wrap it in tape just to be safe. Make sure you label it well too as fragle. If you don't have a nice case, then I would try to get in on carry on. Maybe there will be room, but maybe not. Just do what ever you can to protect it. If you can fit it wrap the whole neck with a towel or something soft to make it nice and snugg. If you can wrap it up well enough that you wouldn't worry about dropping it a few time on a hard surface, then you should be fine for a flight.
I always bring my acoustic guitar, no case, just the guitar, onto carry on. However, I usually make pretty short trips, like 45 minutes to an hour.
i have a hardshell case, so all i would really have to do is wrap the neck in a towel and maybe stuff some styrofoam where the cutaway is, wrap the case in tape, lock it (thaknfully i bought one with a lock) and label it as fragile?
k well i have that warlock, and i wanted to take to mexico...it would have cost 100 bucks cuzz the case is too big...my dad works for delta so i fly for free but i cant get past that 100 thing...so if you are flyin wit delta i can tell ya about it...
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r u talking acoustic or electric, because i wouldnt bring an acoustic with me unless you either A)have a hardshell case or
B)can carry it on with u

if it is electric then you dont need to carry it on and if u dont have a hard shell case do this:
wrap it in foam, or somekind of padding (i used the egg carton stuff when i did it) and taped the foam, (obviously dont get tape on ur guitar). then put more foam lining the case and put a pad-lock on the two zippers, so no one will steal it (obviously).
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its so good to be back!
its an acoustic, but i've got a hardshell case for it, but my nicer acoustic is the one that i want to leave behind, and the one i want to bring dosent exactly fit in the hardshell, although i could put some fillers in the hardshell to make up for the extra space, would that work?
if it doesnt fit i would do what i said to do to an electric: wrap it in some kind of padding, then put more padding as a linning.
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its so good to be back!
yea i asked the same question in the pit cause i wanna bring mine to new york

some people suggested bubble wrap in ur hard case, other say that the planes will sumtimes allow u to store it in the closet up front, just try to carry it on

im going to call up first i suggest u do the same cause it cant hurt

good luck
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Ask the lady/guy at the checkin if (s)he could put a/some fragile stamps on the guitar case also
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hmmm...when I brought my guitar back from holiday, I had a soft lightly padded case and stuck it in the overhead compartments. so did the guy behind me. As long as you're not travelling on a budget airline you should have plenty of room and it'll be fine up there.
hehe i didn't even loosen the strings (didn't know) but it's all ok even though I was on the plane for like 22 hours.
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