ok so i've been fingerpicking for a few months now, and ive learnt blackbird, nothing else matters, and some of tears in heaven. I'm looking for a good song which isn't too challenging but still sounds good and is fun to play, any suggestions?
you wanna buy a bus ticket mate?
Closer to the Heart - Rush
House of the rising sun - animals

...or if you want dirty looks from other guitarists stairway to heaven.
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You- Led Zepplin
Layla (acoustic) Eric Clapton
Stairway to Heaven-Led Zepplin
ode to joy is a great song, and it will get you started on some classical aspects of finger picking. not too difficult, but may be challenging the first few times you try it out. heres a tab (sorry bout the size):
This Might Work Too. Played on 1st and 2nd string only. Top being the first.









Not very specific. But if you can only read tabs. Ignore the length of the bars. I'm a badd tabber.
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Dancing Fool, its so much more fun to play the full thing. and it sounds soooo much better. what you have is only the melody, which is ok, but not a great fingerpicking exersize.
Im new in this forum section but i thought scar tissue by teh red hot chili peppers was a good finger pickin song if im wrong DONT FLAME ME!!!!!!
ok thanks a lot guys, ive learnt a good bit of stairway to heaven but i didnt include it in the list as ive only learnt a small fraction of the song, but why would i get dirty looks from other guitarists if i played it? lol
you wanna buy a bus ticket mate?
Try songs by Bread e.g:'Aubrey', 'if', 'baby imma want you'....etc
Or you can really go classical with 'La comparsita', 'Farrucca', 'Malaguana', 'plaisir d'amour' etc...... these songs may not be up-to-date, but theyre fun to play and they sound better than those crap songs of today....literarily
Who draws the crowd, who plays so loud baby its the guitar man....
Oh yea, does anyone have the tab for 'The guitar man' by bread??? and i mean real tabs and not chords..... plz msg me if u do...
Who draws the crowd, who plays so loud baby its the guitar man....
Opeth has some really good fingerpicking parts/songs in their stuff. If you don't feel like weeding through all the metal to find it, "Patterns in the Ivy (I and II) and "Still Day Beneath the Sun" are 2 of my favorites.
tesla-love song
randy rhoads-Dee
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