I got a Memphis guitar for free that's been a closet for at least 9 or 10 years, i looked up some info on it an dfound none, but i'm gonna sand it down and repaint it anyways. Anyone know anything on this guitar. Also has double cutaways, single coil pickups, and one peice bridge? Thanks all
ya my band member has one of those guitars, it looks pretty beat up but plays well. as far as i can tell you would simply sand and paint it like any other guitar
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i can get a dig camera by weds. i need one bad, lol, but it only says memphis on the Headstock, but it does play very well, need to do a lot of work tho. Cracked neck, redo elctrical stuff, and fix for fairly big chips, i'll pm those who reply when i get the pics, thanks
my friend has one of those....i think its just a strat knock off
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