Hello everybody,
I have a question about DigiTech's GNX Guitar workstation series. I am an avid reader of Guitarworld magazine and i see how they offer tones to download everymonth for they're transcribed songs. I have always wanted a digitech workstation, but i dont know where to start. I think the GNX4 workstation is a little expensive for me, but would they're downloadable tones work with any of the GNX workstations? please help thx.
p.s this is the link to see Guitar worlds most resent tones: http://www.digitech.com/cgi-bin/guitarworld.pl
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well, i've got a gnx2 and they work with it
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I have the GNX 3000, and it is the best investment i've ever made.

furthermore, if you do get a GNX (2,3,4,or 3000), you can buy the super models disk which is a 3rd party accessory, It add something like 600+ professional patches (I just got it and haven't messed with it too much... (work)...
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i have the gnx2, i love the dists that you can get with this thing
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