ok i want a multi effects i will buy some decent seperates when i have the money but my birthday is comin up and im want a multi effects for now and the 2 i have been lookin at are the Line 6 Pod XT Pro which looks like one of the best out there and for £300 i would hope so and the Korg AX3000G which looks very good for its £150 price tag and i was wonderin is the Pod worth double the price or shall i go for the Korg Thanks
Iv got a boss ME-50 and i find it to be excellent. if u had the money tho id definatly recomend a vox tonelab or a Boss GT-7 but they are quite expensive
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do u not rate the Pod or the Korg then cause the Tonelab is a bit massive and i cant find the GT-7 but the GT-8 looks like a possible contendor
I own the ME-50 too, it's a great multi, but if you have the money go for the GT-8, the best on earth IMO
I dunno, Ive played both the Boss and the POD, I bought the POD.
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I dunno, Ive played both the Boss and the POD, I bought the POD.

Great reasoning, great post. Didn't even offer any reasons why.

Between the boss and the podxtl, it's a competition for performing and recording, respectively. If you find yourself as a performer bit, stay with the boss. If you're looking to use one as a recording tool, stay with the POD. Otherwise, the quality of the pod xtl effects are not even close to that of the Boss. The boss pedal models, are based on their actual pedals, stuff like slow gear, delay, and so forth. Also, the amp qualities in the boss differ quite a bit, whereas the ones on the xtl, reach a level of plane similarity at high volumes.

I tried out both, i got the boss, mainly for performance. I run it through a mesa power amp, into a 212 and a 412, and occasionally i run the gt-8 straight into the pa system, if the venue has one to boot.
Also, keep in mind, that you are comparing Boss with Line 6. If you look at Line 6's products, most of them are made for the recording artist, minus their practice amp. Line 6 does have high quality products, but i don't think the xtl fits the bill for a performing artist. Also, boss does have a 5 year warranty, and i'm sure the store you buy it form will give you the first year for warranty. As well, boss products are very durable, don't dent, scratch, etc. easily, and most definetly will not break down.
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sorry bout double post no1 was lookin at it lol umm i wont think i would be recording but im not the most clever guitarist and i mainly want to sound like other ppl so the pod is better for that is it not with you bein able to download the tones from customtone and the boss seems to have too many parameters to change and i think i shall get confused its for a birthday present and i know i will like it and i havent reli heard much good tone from amps and stuff cause i dont have much money to buy quality stuff and if the PODXTL will make me sound like i want to sound then that fine
i do understand what your sayin but i think that I(emphasis on that) wont get as good a sound out of the Boss
oh im lookin at a different boss the Me-50 looks quite good so what i shall do is if i find the POD effects too similar i shall sell it and then buy the Boss and probably still have some money left over but im going for the PODXTL but thanks for the great reply BlinkBlinkBlink it was very well wrote