Hi guys, i have weird issues with my floyd rose going out of tune. It was perfectly fine like a week ago and i was tuning it today and notice somethings wrong with it. When i use the whammy bar to pull the bridge up it stays in tune perfectly, but when i press it down all the strings go exactly 3 spaces (on my tuner) sharper. If i pull it up again with the whammy bar it will go back in tune. Anyone have any idea whats wrong with it? Any help is appreciated.
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well i dont have a floyd, but it might be because you are bending the strings or your tuner is stupid
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The springs in the back need reseting or something, happened to mine. And just happened again. It is where the string tension and the spring tension are unequal; take it down the local shop and get them to sort it out.
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did you change strings or something? because if you did and they arent the same gauge the fr is set up for it could off set it. . .
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Thanks for all the replies guys. I didn't change the spring. I've adjusted the springs abit because the bridge was being pulled up abit. Now the bridge is parallel to the body and the problem starts to occur.
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i used to have a Kramer 7-string (POS, was kinda fun though) with a licenced Floyd... every time i'd do a big divebomb the neck joint would creak - probably through not being tight enough or fitting snuggly - and the tuning would be up to **** from their on. take it to a luthier and get them to sort it out.
1st of all, try lubricating ur studs using lip balm or chapsticks, do not use grease, it'll just mess things up and wont superiorly return the tuning back to pitch. You dont have to remove the bridge from the body, just dab a little and twist 360 degree so that its properly evened out, then twist back 360 to the previous position. Dive for a couple of times.

If this doesnt work, you'll just need to be patient for awhile for the springs at the back to get used to its new setup. Springs also have memory, if they're adjusted, you gotta give 'em sometime to stretch or unstretch properly. If you still face this problem after a few days/weeks, change the springs to a newer one.

Also, you might need to try different springing technique (at the back tremolo claw), unlike the normal " | | | ", you can do " / | \ ", " / / | " , or whatever. Usually the top strings are the ones pulling ur trem greater, so you might also wanna try " / || ".
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