Okay I have a riff, and I want to harmonize it with a 2nd guitar.

Now the riff sounds great for the first 3 measures if it's harmonized in 5ths and then the last diddy in 4ths, but how do i do that? I know the basics but how do I know where to play it based off?

Do I just figure out each frets note? (i.e. 2nd fret 6 string = F#) so then do I write out a F# major scale and get the 5th (or would it be a minor scale? probably minor since the initial scale i'm using for the riffs is an E Melodic Minor)

anyway, okay so hee's the tab.


-2-0-0-0-2-0-0-0-2-0-----------------5-5-3-3-2 (let ring)

Okay so I want the whole 2-0/3-0 parts to be harmonized in 5ths. (Which if i think from using just 5th chords would be on the 5th string 2-4/2-5 correct?)

Meanwhile the 44-55-44-22- etc part is supposed to be like double time or whatever, so it's faster than the rest of the riff, but I want that to be harmonized in 4ths.
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I think harmonizing stays in the key but it's just (In this case) 4 or 5 steps up. I may be wrong though. . .

that would be diatonic fourths and fifths...if you want to harmonize in fourths or fifths in general, just take the first note, move it up that interval, and play the same pattern
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dont you just get the fifth and fourth note of that key?
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I mean i know what they all are in terms of the notes.

But how do I say okay well the 4th of note __ is __ for this?

Like 2f6s = F#, 3f6s = G,0f6s = E okay so how would I figure out what the 5th of F#/G/E is. And likewise for the 4th's of the others
The riff you created is actually using the E Dorian Mode (E-F#-G-A-B-C#-D). E Melodic Minor is (E-F#-G-A-B-C#-D#).

Anyway, to harmonize E Dorian in 5ths you would B Aeolian/natural minor. To harmonize in 4ths, you would use A Mixolydian. The way to do this is to figure out, for each note, which scale degree you're playing in your original riff, then, using your harmony scale play that same scale degree.

For example, in your riff, when you play F#(2nd degree of E Dorian), the harmony (5ths) player would play C# (2nd degree of B Aeolian). When you play D (7th degree of E Dorian), the harmony (4ths) player would play G (7th degree of A Mixolydian).

If you were to play a riff in E melodic minor, to harmonize in 5ths you would use B Mixolydian b6. To harmonize in 4ths, you would use A Lydian Dominant.